Hero X8 Utstillingsmodell/Demo - 18AH

Hero X8 Demo

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X8 Utstilling 52V 18AH

Sjekk gjerne review fra electrec nedenfor. Vi gleder oss til å høre tilbakemeldingene vi får av dere på denne råe nye sparkesykkelen fra Hero.

Produktnavn Hero X8
Størrelse HxLxB = 1220 x 1200 x 650mm
Ramme Areospace Aluminium Alloy T6061
Motor 2x 52V 800W Nominell (2000W Peak tilsammen)
Controller 2x 52V 20A
Batteristørrelser 52V 18AH 52V 23AH 52V 28.8AH
Rekkevidde Opptil 55km Opptil 70km Opptil 90km
Vekt Netto 27kg Netto 30kg Netto 30kg
Maks fart 20km/t (Lovlig i Norge) - 55km/t uten sperre (gi oss beskjed)
Maks vekt 120kg
Stigning Maks 20 grader oppover 
Lys 2x LED front, 2x Acrylic Light, 2x LED bak og bremselys
Dekk 200x80mm punkteringsfrie dekk
Bremser NUTT Front og Bak hydrauliske bremser og regenerative bremser
Demping Foran og bak har dual spring coil demping
Dashbord Smart LCD Display
Sammenleggbar Ja
Lader CE, UL, FCC Godkjent lader
Størrelse eske 1350 x 250 x 450mm
Farge Sort
Sertifiseringer IP54, CE, ROSH, EMC, LVD, MD, MSDS, UN38.3

Dual motor power with a sleek matte black design with a hint of red for a captivating look!

Tires: new design 8 x 3.1" rubber (airless) all terrain tires.
The advantages of airless tires: immune to flats and less maintenance. You can ride on all terrain without having to worry about getting a flat. You also don’t have to bother with inflating your tires or keeping the correct air pressure, so these tires require less maintenance. The most sold parts by scooter companies are tires and inner tubes because of flats. Riding your scooter 1500-2500 miles before changing a worn out tire gives you peace of mind.  The airless tires might seem like a bumpy hard ride, but after testing the X8, we were amazed at how the new rubber absorbed the road vibration and the riding was a blast!

Lights: Built in powerful 800 lumens headlight (top mounted,) plus lower LED front lights, and NEW acrylic side lights with over 16 million colors (patented.) 120 different light pattern options! Absolutely stunning! Now even brighter! Controlled with an app. Download app: LED Hue. Connect to SP110E. Set pixel to 600. No other manufacturer has this feature on their scooter. 2 LED rear lights (flash when brakes are applied.)

Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic oil NUTT disc brakes plus regenerative braking (some 3k scooters don't offer this option.) 
Nutt are considered to be one of the best braking systems in the industry.

Suspension: Dual front and rear coil spring suspension.

Display: Smart LCD display with thumb throttle. If you prefer trigger style, that is also available. 

2 charging ports (one on each side.) 4A certified charger with fan. Charge time is 4-8 hours (depending on battery.)

Key ignition with white voltmeter display (2 keys.) 

Loud 90 dB horn button.

New stem design (foldable.) 5 sec folding!

For riders that are 5'10 and taller, we recommend the 4 inch stem extension available on our accessories page.

New BMX style handlebar (non-foldable) for higher quality riding experience. Fits inside a car trunk for transport.

Quality hand grips ("Hero" imprinted)

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